Handmade Soap Calculator

Handmade Soap Calculator

More fun and convenient for original soapmaking.

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Auto calulation!

Amount of caustic soda is the first challenge of handmade soap. Cumbersome amount of caustic soda can be easily calculated by determining the amount only choose the oil you use.

Saponification value only choose from a list of typical oil are commonly used because it is pre-registered.

It also includes editing features for user registration of the oil stick to the difference between the saponification value fine in the same kind of oil or oil that is not registered.

In addition, the amount of water can be chosen from the two calculation methods are used most often, all right without changing the calculation method so far(*1)

*1 How to calculate the amount of water can be selected the following two types.
  • To calculate the amount of water to be 100 percent plus the ratio of the weight and the sum of oil, the ratio of the weight of the water.
  • From the total oil weight, to calculate the weight of the water in the Oil x Water%.

Recording recipes

Use oil and water quantity, of caustic soda Once you have determined, let's save it as a recipe.

You can call immediately from the recipe list when they want to make the same recipe if you keep the recipe.

Okay when I want to add a little oil or just want to change the amount from the previous recipe.

You can also re-create a new recipe based on the recipe that you saved.

Creating reports

Once you have determined the recipe, let's actually built.

Create reports, such as temperature, humidity, temperature and liquid when the recording can be made.

Keep a record of fragrance oil and put a small amount as an option.

Once you have registered with a photo of the finished and evaluated at creation and completion of a collection of original recipes of your own.